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Wedding favours make a perfect traditional gift for all your guests.


The contents of our favours can be chosen from a wide of fillings from nuts or sweets to candles, soaps and lip balms - personalised to suit you. We stock a range of East of India gifts and personalised gift boxes for those special thank you's.


The wedding favour originated in Italy, where it is known as a bomboniere. The Italian tradition is to wrap five sugared almonds in decorative tulle nets. The 5 sugared almonds represent Health, Wealth. Happiness, Long Life and Fertility. The custom of giving favours dates back to early European history where they were given to celebrate marriages, birthdays, christenings by wealthy aristocrats of the period. This tradition is now carried in weddings and events today. By giving these favours as gifts to the guests, the bride and groom acknowledge each friend and relative who has shared their special day.


Whatever style of wedding favour you are looking for, we can help.  They start from £1.25 each and can be tailored to your colour and theme.  


Talk to our senior design consultant Tricia Penny or book a consultation here.